Environmentally Friendly Coupled With Superior Adhesion

Eco-Bond manufactures a new generation of solvent and Isocyanate- free adhesive and sealant products. Many of these environmental and user friendly products are sold under the Eco-Bond name and represent a broad range of markets and applications. Our Eco-Bond products provide a number of advantages over other common adhesive and sealant technologies such as Silicones, Polyurethanes, and Polysulfides.

These advantages can include improved weather and temperature resistance, mechanical properties, low odor, low shrinkage, toxicity, and others. The Eco-Bond technology offers adhesion on a wide range of substrates with a minimum requirement for surface pretreatment (often primer-less), good paint compatibility (with building paints and automotive lacquers), and excellent temperature and UV resistance. Eco-Bond products are also formulated to offer various levels of "green strength" including some products with pressure sensitive characteristics. High green strength Eco-Bond formulas can offer end-users reduced clamping time or no clamping at all. One way of looking at the advantages of Eco-Bond technology is to focus on the "elastomeric" characteristics of these cured adhesive or sealants. Elastomeric versus rigid bonding can provide all or some of the following advantages:

Uniform stress distribution - eliminates localized stresses

Bonding of dissimilar substrates

Prevention of contact corrosion

Vibration and sound dampening

Compensation of movements due to varying thermal expansion of substrates

High impact resistance

No drilling, tapping, welding, or other damage to component surfaces

Compensation of torsion forces